Women in technology



Vertex IT Solutions are dedicated to assisting in the change of gender imbalance for women in technology, we are passionate about increasing opportunities for women within the industry and would like to hear your stories.

It can take a great deal of effort for women to be accepted into the technology industry as they have to deal with sexism, salary imbalances and much more. However even once they enter the industry, there are so many reasons why women feel like they are being pushed out. We are curious to explore what it is that is making women feel this way and see what we can do to help change the industry for the better. This is an important conversation that Vertex IT Solutions feels extremely passionate about. 

So if you are a woman working in the technology sector we would love you to become an inspiring example to others by telling us about your journey. Simply tell us some real world information including the good as well as the bad in order to help benefit others.

Read our blog post where we have outlined some of the ins and outs of what is happening with women in information technology.

We are extremely invested and interested in what your story is so please fill out the form below to let us know!