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IR35 – A contractors view ahead of the General Election.

IR35! What’s in it for me?! Melanie Peak - Freelance ERP Systems Trainer IR35 is not a net to capture tax avoidance with. It is instead a noose to hang hard working contractors by! In April 2020, the Government plan to extend the legislation on the new Off-Payroll Tax...

IR35 (Off-Payroll Worker Regulations) – Is it happening, is it not, what should you be doing?

The Conservatives have “pledged” to review IR35 tax reforms due to be rolled out to the private sector if they remain in power, bringing their policy into line with those of the other major parties contesting the general election. This news could mean the introduction...

Why are Python Resources in such demand?

Recently Python was recognised to be the most popular programming language, with the main competitors being JavaScript, Java and Ruby. It has excellent libraries making it a popular choice for many data scientists. One of the reasons that python is one of...

Women in Technology Report

We are passionate advocates for women in technology here at Vertex and set out to drive change in the IT industry. Therefore we have surveyed over 100 women, gaining detailed and valuable responses and insights into the current IT industry. A number of...

Christine Burt – Women in Technology – Guest Blogger

Information Technology (IT) is a great career and one I constantly recommend as a work choice, it is always challenging and interesting. There are so many different aspects to the IT industry, and you can work in different sectors. A friend working in HR suggested IT...

Sue D – Women in Technology – Guest Blogger

Wife, Proud Mother, grandmother to 3 beautiful girls, IT Support Engineer and Owner of 2 up and coming businesses that I am very proud that I created myself! And not forgetting I did it all on my own!! I have been in IT as an IT Support Engineer for 15 years. Previous...

Andrea Westbrook – Women in Technology – Guest Blogger

Andrea Westbrook, Organizational Change Management Practice Lead – NTT Communications Americas Professional Services You, your background and why you got into technology. I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to do when I graduated from university...

Elizabeth – Women in Technology – Guest Blogger

I left university in 1976 having taken a degree in geography. I had thought about going into town planning but that year there were very few jobs going for graduates. I could have trained as a teacher but was not really interested in doing that so I took a job in a...

Alex P – Women in Technology – Guest Blogger

So let me start with my journey…I guess my previous employers have not always been technology focused, but my roles have contained analytical and technical elements. I have always been an avid watcher of film and television and my first job in London was,...

What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is designed to automate rules based, high volume processes in a business, this is done by using logic and structured inputs to configure a ‘robot’ and give it the ability to interpret application processes. These can be used for manipulating data,...