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candidate-interviewCompared to many other IT recruitment companies we at Vertex IT Solutions believe that our candidates deserve to be respected and valued for their work and cooperation. They are the backbone of our business and therefore we offer a range of services to help boost them with whatever they may need. Including career and technological advice, legal and contractual expertise or just processing timesheets and payments. Even if you are permanent, new to contracting or seasoned in it our experience in the IT recruitment sector will be beneficial.

With experience in IT recruitment since 2000, we have been supplying customers across EMEA with our expertise and high quality recruitment services. If you are looking for your next opportunity or want to embark on a new dream role, we look forward to hearing from you.

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We would love for you to register with us here at Vertex IT Solutions. Please upload your CV via the link below and we will endeavour to contact you regarding relevant roles.

Umbrella Company

For many contractors using an umbrella company is a hassle free way to operate. The PAYE umbrella company, also a standard UK limited company essentially acts as an ‘employer’ for the contractor and provides a payroll service for the employees by processing timesheets and invoices. Once all deductions are made the contractor is then paid, which will usually be in accordance with the agencies payment schedule. Therefore it is important you complete all paperwork by the specified deadlines. However, before embarking on an agreement with an umbrella company it is important to ensure they aren’t making claims that are too good to be true.

When working with an umbrella company it will usually follow a format similar to this:


  1. A business to business contract is signed between the recruitment agency and the umbrella company. The contractor will then sign a direct contract with the umbrella company.
  2. As the contractor will be working for the client, a timesheet will need to be completed and given to the agency to confirm the days and hours that have been worked. It is also their responsibility to send a copy of this, including expenses that have been occurred to the umbrella company.
  3. Once this has been received they will invoice the agency for the hours that have been worked including any expenses that are covered.
  4. The agency then invoices the client and gets paid by them. Following on from that they will pay the umbrella company.
  5. Once the umbrella company receives the payment they will use the PAYE system to pay the contractor, outlining any deductions for national insurance and tax, which will be outlined on a payslip similar to traditional employment. The umbrella company will also take a fee from your pay for their services.

For more information on how to fill out your timesheets;


Having been placed by Vertex IT Solutions over 12 months ago I have no hesitation as an Oracle Contractor in recommending Vertex IT Solutions. Their office administration ensures everything runs smoothly this includes the efficient Online Timesheet system and importantly prompt payment within days rather than weeks or months at the end of a billing period. Top marks to the team at Vertex IT Solutions!

Russell Williams

Oracle Developer
I am delighted to confirm that it was a pleasure to work with Vertex on my final contract within the IT sector. Your team will remember that this was a challenging and sometimes frustrating project. I was very grateful to your team for their most professional attitude and support.

Court Guinness

DPM Consultant
I have worked for Vertex for over a year as a Computer Engineer on various projects and I have found them to be a well organised recruitment agency. Anybody wanting to further their career with new work experience this is the agency for you.

Garry Huntley

Computer Engineer
I owe a great debt of gratitude to the Vertex team, I can only say a whole hearted thanks to all the team for the great support, kindness and dedication I had throughout all the years. I will always be grateful.

Maurizio Bartoli

IT Field Engineer
The whole process with Vertex ran very smoothly and extensions to the original contract have been seamless. Any queries are dealt with efficiently and promptly and invoices are always paid on time. I am very happy with the service I have received from the team at Vertex!

Daniel Potter

Technical Oracle EBusiness Suite Consultant
Vertex staff are extremely friendly, professional and enthusiastic. They provided help and support from start to finish. I can truly say that I had no problems during my employment with Vertex and they were always available when I needed them. Thanks guys!!!

Norman Fernandez

Infrastructure Engineer
It was a pleasure to work with Vertex; they were a great interface between me and the employer and we developed a friendly relationship. It didn't feel like just a recruiter, but someone truly concerned with finding the best outcome for all parties.

Sumit Kaushal

AX Technical Program Manager
Vertex were amazing, they got me a role as a Mac Engineer and helped me through the pitfalls of becoming a contractor; they continue to provide me with support and guidance. Now I’ve had my contract extended and I have become an integral part of the team.

Paul Davies

MAC Engineer
Very professional and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks to Vertex I was guided through the whole process and landed the job. I had a great experience and the recruitment team at Vertex ensured I was a perfect fit for the role and the company.

Stephen Shepherd

Oracle & SQL DBA
Vertex found ad-hoc work opportunities for me and successfully filled my work schedule. They're a diverse and successful IT Recruitment company that not only caters for the bespoke need of their clients, but also hold their candidates in the highest regard.

Chris Moon

Operations Director
I have known Vertex for over 10 years and had the pleasure of working with them numerous times. The team are very professional, understanding and built a good relationship with me. Vertex is one of the few agencies I would be happy to work with again.

Asif Sohail

Oracle EBusiness Suite Consultant
I’ve been placed in two different high profile roles as a Senior Integration Specialist. The professionality and support from Vertex was always well above what is expected from the market and makes the Vertex Team my first reference point for my colleague.
Riccardo Zuddas, Senior Integration Specialist

Riccardo Zuddas