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woman-using-phone-in-officeWelcome to our client home page, Vertex IT Solutions recognise the importance of speed, accuracy, compliance, reliability and professionalism, especially in recruitment. We have honed in our expertise to be a perfect procurement or project based IT staffing partner which will enable your organisation to be flexible and responsive.

Our goal is to find the perfect IT staff required for a specific role. Vertex know that the candidates we provide will get the project finished on time, within budget and to a high standard. Within 24 hours we will have identified a suitable shortlist of candidates and then those who suit the specific requirements of the role will be forwarded onto the client. By undertaking a thorough screening and referencing process ourselves, we can narrow down the candidates that will be the best fit in the role and also the best value for money.

Vertex IT Solutions have perfected this recruitment process after many years in the industry, our approach ensures not only the speedy and accurate fulfilment of current skill needs, but also informed counsel, resource planning and cost-saving initiatives for the efficient running of ongoing and future projects.

Off-Payroll Working / IR35 – Compliance Assured

Whether a role is deemed inside or outside of Off-Payroll working legislation (commonly known as IR35), Vertex has a solution that enables our customers to work with us compliantly.

For inside “deemed” workers, Vertex is able to provide a highly compliant PAYE solution, this solution is FCSA Accredited. Meaning that we are an IR35 and HMRC compliant operation with a heavy focus on adherenceto the highest standards of business services, operations, policies and processes.


For roles outside of Off-Payroll working legislation, we work with our clients on a MSA (Master Services Agreement) and a series of SOW (Statement of Work) agreements, which are PO (Purchase Order) based to ensure delivery is completed to our clients expectations.

Want to know more? Download our Vertex Umbrella Brochure for full details.

Recruitment Process

Project Budgeting

Quite often our clients make an assumption that they can obtain a certain skill from the market at a certain cost. More than often this budget is not aligned with current market trends. This could be down to a number of reasons; the location of the project, the skills required, the duration of the contract, current market demands may be increased or decreased or the working conditions may not be ideal.

Before our clients commit to a budget we advise that they investigate the potential challenges and costs of obtaining the right resources for their program. This is a FREE service that we currently provide many existing clients as well as prospective clients. Should you require more information or assistance with your resource budget and plan please use the contact form below:


Firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something. “relations have to be built on trust”.

Trust, noun

The way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave towards one another.

Relationships, noun

Our entire business model is built on these two keywords and their meaning. We are passionate about the work we do, the people we place and the clients who engage with our service. Loyalty is key as well as transparency. As these words are so important to our business our clients know that they will get our undivided attention and commitment. We consistently over deliver, but, when we consult with our clients they trust our advice, as we are not trying to make a “quick buck”. We just want to provide the best possible candidates or solutions at the best possible price. This mentality has enabled us to maintain key accounts since 2000.

Equally, our candidates get a personal service with advice that is related to them and their position. One size does not fit all and we understand the impact of finding a new job, both from a family perspective and an emotional one. Our consultants are here to support our candidates every step of the way, even if it means that Vertex does not financially benefit. We have contractors that ONLY work via Vertex and candidates that come back to us when they look for a new opportunity.

This service is not a value add, it is the very core of our existence.

Resource Bench Marking

We believe that by partnering with our clients to provide free additional services, such as salary bench marking adds huge value, develops trust and maintains long-standing relationships.

Quite often our client’s expectations are not aligned with current market trends and conditions, these can then be reflected in how their staff are rewarded. To overcome these challenges we have a FREE service that we supply to our clients, allowing them to gain insight into the current market salaries and trends. This involves an analysis of current salaries and how these are aligned with the market.

We will spend a short time with the client discussing these issues, analyse the market and provide a full report with our findings and sources.

We hope that this enables our clients to retain their current employees by rewarding them correctly. As well as recruiting new employees at the correct salary bands.

If you would like to take advantage of this service please complete the contact form below. We hope to partner with you soon.


Vertex has provided a fresh alternative to recruitment, their market awareness, connections, approach and drive have been what has underpinned making this alliance effective. I see Vertex as a key asset in helping to drive Claremont’s on-going success.


Vertex was an excellent business partner, providing an excellent and responsive level of service and helped in the delivery of some significant projects

GE Healthcare

Vertex spends time to understand my recruitment requirements and only sends through suitable candidates. Vertex has been able to provide me with a number of high quality candidates over the years.


Vertex have a comprehensive database of professionals with the required clearance, all over the country, knowing they will send us the right candidate, at the right rate in a short timescale enables me to focus on other, more pressing issues like winning new business!

Selection Services

We have used Vertex IT Solutions on a number of occasions and have always found them to be responsive to our needs and professional at all times. They understand the type of candidate we look for and have helped us fill a number of vacancies with the right people.

Vipr Solutions

Vertex provides excellent service to me here at Oracle University in providing skilled instructors to deliver official Oracle applications training courses.

Oracle University

I am happy to recommend the team at Vertex. We engaged Vertex to help us in hiring 2 developers for our team. Vertex provided a quick and efficient service ensuring that both candidates were ideally matched to our requirements. I look forward to working with Vertex again in the future.

Telecoms World

The level of service from Vertex IT Solutions has been excellent. They quickly gained an understanding of our requirements and took the time to understand how we work. This has led to us having a long standing relationship with Vertex and they are always the first company I contact when I have a recruitment need.


I have been dealing with Loren at Vertex Solutions for many years. She is a great ambassador for Vertex and her professionalism is second to none. Loren is very in tune with the market she works within and is very aware of the qualities, not only technically, that we as a Company look for in candidates.

Canary Wharf Group

Natalie Moore