Woman are still underrepresented in the technology field and even so, records show that the number of women in computer fields has declined since the 90s. There are so many resources available nowadays for mothers who are returning to work; therefore they do not need to settle for these jobs that are low paying and incompatible for them.

Lots of employers tend to be biased against those applying for jobs without recent experience, this is especially prevalent for industries such a tech due to how fast moving it is. This doesn’t help those women who may already be feeling a lack of confidence, worry or fear in relation to going back to work. There is also a massive issue for mothers and their salary only just covering the cost of child care. This can make it redundant returning to work even if they miss it and long to be back doing something they love, as well as looking after their children.

Returnships are a great opportunity for women to get back into the industry, many do not like them as they believe they are just a short term placement. However, there is a strong likelihood of a job at the end of it and one that is much more suited to their career level and skills. In the UK there were 23 companies offering returnships with about 90% of those placements being women.

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Mums in Technology

Many find that when working in a role it is considered not doing their part for the company or leaving early when they have to leave at the end of the day. Their contract may state a specific end time but it is looked down on when they say they have to leave at that time instead of staying later. It is important for mothers that they do not feel like they are considered to be not doing their job properly when they have to take care of basic needs such as leaving to take care of their children or just getting on with their general life.

Reintegration back into the workplace is always important for anyone who has had a career break, ensure that you reconnect with people you used to work with. This could be just to catch up and check on how they are doing; there does not need to be an agenda to it. It may be difficult to arrange a night out but when people from the office are going out for a drink try and just stay for one before having to dart off.