Oracle are not “going retro”, more like making the great even better.

Many organisations, in fact more than 6000 across the globe are still using the solid, secure and reliable Oracle E-Business. However, the results of a recent “straw poll” at the UKOUG Apps 18 Conference in Liverpool show that 85% of the user community are still on Release 12.1 or below.

When we asked why the users were still on R12.1 or below, the answers varied slightly, but with a similar trend. Mainly that this was down to a lack of direction/commitment from Oracle as to the future of R12.2. However, with recent announcements from Cliff Godwin (SVP of Product Development for E-Business Suite) the future is clear, but, more importantly bright!

There will be no R12.3 or R13, but a R12.2 with continuous innovation from 2019 to 2030 at least, including Premier Support. This will mean all current users of EBS that upgrade to 12.2.8 will be able to take advantage of the annual continuous innovation releases and additional functionality, of which, there seems to be a lot.

The main current enhancements are:

The good news here is that once users upgrade to R12.2 this is the very last upgrade for E-Business Suite. All the new EBS features and enhancements will be available with no further need to upgrade. These updates will be cumulative and available to every user on the current release.

How can Vertex help customers?

Clearly, our team are committed to the continued change or pace and direction in the Oracle landscape and listen to our customers needs. What was obvious from discussing the news with the Oracle User Community was that firstly, they now have information from which to act. Secondly, it was more likely than not that they would now plan to move; either to R12.2 or to the Cloud. With the likelihood being the former rather than the latter.

This means that to support this activity there is a need for a trusted, long-standing Oracle Recruitment Agency, such as Vertex. To enable the Oracle User Community to secure the right resources required to support such a delivery. Or we have partner relationships with expert Oracle Partners such as Claremont – who can deliver the upgrade, or help with the move to partial cloud if this suits the business requirements.

Alternatively, we have Oracle training partners such as Fudgelearn – who can provide the necessary training to up-skill internal staff, who can then manage the upgrade.

What next?

We think at Vertex that this is the news that the EBS has been waiting for for some time. With R12.1 being now 5 years old, it is about time the EBS user community had some good news like this, to at least form a decision on. Whatever your organisation decides to do; upgrade, move to cloud, or co-exist, Vertex has a network of over 35,000 Oracle experts that can support your business.

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