Hiring in a post-COVID world, a case study.

A global financial client of Vertex IT Solutions, based in the City of London, has been searching for Powerbuilder Developers/Consultants and engaged Vertex to provide IT recruitment services.

Powerbuilder technology is a legacy development language and subsequently, the bulk of experienced Powerbuilder developers have moved into mainly Java/JS or .Net development languages or simply retired. However, some have managed to still continue using Powerbuilder. What do you do when you need two developers of high quality for the right price and experience levels at short-notice? It is a challenge.

When this challenge was discussed with the client it was agreed that remote working would be a very good option, especially with the challenge around Covid-19 and contractors not feeling comfortable travelling into London in the current climate.

With the option of remote working developers, it opened up a whole new pool of candidates from other countries and locations. A small pool of talent grew to a larger pool, with more rate flexibility and skill diversity. This enabled Vertex to represent a number of extremely competent developers for the client.  The client did make it apparent that at some point the successful candidates may have to travel to London for project meetings and workshops. This was reiterated in our conversations with potential role suitors and agreements were made.

After a number of Webex based Interviews, two senior Powerbuilder developers were identified and offered the positions. This process was less time consuming and costly for all parties, by being remote. Plus, the client was able to see how the candidates portrayed themselves in a remote way. With this process completed, the client was extremely pleased with the outcome as not only had they acquired two of the most experienced Powerbuilder developers in the EU, they had hired them for the same cost they would have had to pay someone with less experience locally in London.

With the vast amount of restructuring that is ongoing throughout the world, software will be a leading driver for change, therefore IT Development and Analysis skills will be on further demand as time continues.

Recruiting and having remote workers has traditionally been something the UK has been behind in. However, since Covid-19 has interrupted our lives, things have had to change and our clients are benefitting from this.

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Photo of man holding light by Dollar Gill on Unsplash