Recently Python was recognised to be the most popular programming language, with the main competitors being JavaScript, Java and Ruby. It has excellent libraries making it a popular choice for many data scientists.

One of the reasons that python is one of the easiest programming languages is because of how it is so similar to formal language, this makes it much easier to transition into the programming language. Giving you an idea of what the language entails before you even start therefore meaning you would be able to learn it faster and also type and run it more efficiently. Furthermore; due to the large amount of documentation on the language there would not be many cases where a programmer would get stuck without being able to find a solution.

Both large and small companies use Python for a variety of different projects including Google, this proves that it is not a language that should be overlooked.

One of the main strengths of Python is the fact that it is generally three to five times shorter than the equivalent Java program, this means that their job is easier and faster; making it more cost and time efficient. Due to Python being a free and open source company this means it is widely attainable for those wishing to learn and for companies to utilise; the source code can still be modified by paying for the licence making it adaptable for most situations.

As Python is object-oriented you are able to create reusable structures which therefore cuts out having to carry out unnecessary and repetitive work. Many other modern programming languages now also use this object-oriented structure; therefore learning Python will give you transferable skills as you will encounter similar situations.

The library of over 300 modules that Python has means that it is suitable for solving an array of tasks; not needing to create a solution yourself can save time making it a more efficient language to utilise.

Looking at the availability of Python jobs in the UK it is clear this is a popular route to go down. In the first 6 months of 2019 there are over 16,000 permanent jobs utilising python which is a 2% rise on the same period the previous year. These roles have a median salary of £60,000 which is over a 4% rise comparatively. There is definitely a lot of potential in this area across the whole of the UK so whether you are an employer or a candidate contact us for any Python development needs.