We have been surveying women who either currently work in the technology industry or used to. Obtaining real life insights about their experiences whether bad or good. We are hoping this leads to positive change and further inclusivity in the world of IT. With over 100 detailed responses, we believe this report paints a picture of good and bad from their perspective.

From this, we will continue to work with employers and candidates alike to promote gender equality in the workforce.


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Information Technology (IT) is a great career and one I constantly recommend as a work choice, it is always challenging and interesting. There are so many different aspects to the IT industry, and you can work in different sectors. A friend working in HR suggested IT to me as a completely random remark when I was at university, there are always loads of IT related jobs. I started as an analyst/programmer at a major oil company after a Science degree from Kings College, London and since 1999 have worked as a project manager mostly in the financial sector. … Read more


I left university in 1976 having taken a degree in geography. I had thought about going into town planning but that year there were very few jobs going for graduates. I could have trained as a teacher but was not really interested in doing that so I took a job in a local vegetarian café for a few months.  In those days very few people got the chance to go to university – I think it was approximately 5% of the population – so my father thought I should be looking for a career. I don’t remember my mother saying anything but she had brought my sister and I up to be independent and career minded. In those days many women were still expected to get married and look after the kids. … Read more